People are important

You are likely to be overwhelmed by the amount of information provided on-line and from publications provided by a Social Worker.  However, visiting the care home and meeting the people who live and work there will help complete the set of information needed to make a decision.

Our dedicated staff team really creates a caring environment.   We encourage you to take some time to visit us. The benefits to you, we believe, are well worth the effort:

  • You will be able to really get a feel for whether the home will be right for you or the loved-one you are thinking about
  • You will be able to feel more confident and positive about the options you have and get rid of some of the ‘maybes’ that can be so irritating
  • You will know for yourself whether the home really does deliver on its’ promises to care – you will be able to see if residents appear happy and contented
  • We think you will feel a lot happier about the idea of a care home in the first place

Get in touch with us today and arrange a visit to see our Head of Care

You can telephone us on 01425 617656 or email us at

You will not regret it. THAT we promise.