A thank you to all – July 2020

Supporting our care home through Covid-19


The support we have received at The New Forest Quaker Care Home during Covid-19 has been nothing short of amazing and we want to thank each and every person who has helped us through the pandemic.

True Quaker House spirit

All of our residents and their families have been incredible with the support and understanding they have shown. Closing our doors to visitors was done with a heavy heart and we have been deeply moved by the kindness, cards, flowers and gifts sent our way. Each gesture and message of support has lifted the spirits of everyone in the Quaker House family.

Community rapport at its best

Local businesses have also demonstrated community spirit and generosity during the past few months by giving us face masks, hand sanitiser and other gifts – including much-welcomed and delicious brownies and cakes.

We love all the pictures and drawings sent by local children and we want to say they are now proudly on display for all to see.

We are a family here at Quaker House and we’ve all worked hard to keep each other safe and our spirits high through this time, so to all of those who have helped us – THANK YOU!

To our staff who went the extra mile…

A final thank you has been well and truly earned by our staff who have gone above and beyond, we couldn’t have wished for a better team.

Our staff have all worked together, picking each other up and fighting through. Every department has mucked in and helped out to make sure our residents have as much normality as possible during these abnormal circumstances.

We couldn’t be more grateful or appreciative of them – they are our Quaker House Heros!

New Milton care homes says thank you

Image by Gerd Altmann – Pixabay