Making the choice to move into long-term care can seem daunting and full of uncertainty for everyone involved. No-one wants to lose their independence, but as we get older many responsibilities can be too much to manage. At New Forest Quaker Care Home we understand how much you want your life to continue as normal and we help you with that – while taking care of all the chores and liabilities you no longer want to worry about.

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It makes your life easier…

In later life, even the most simple tasks can become physically demanding. You may find getting up, washed, and dressed can leave you exhausted – leaving little energy to enjoy moments that add quality to everyday life.

There are many reasons you may be considering long-term care – either for yourself or a loved one. But rest assured, whatever your reason, The New Forest Quaker Care Home will add quality and value to your life. 

You might be worried that moving into care means giving up any remaining independence you have. This is a frightening prospect but the right home should ensure that your independence is promoted and championed throughout your stay

At The New Forest Quaker Care Home our mission is to help you re-establish your independence as far as possible, not diminish it. 

The move into a care home offers you and your loved one relief, support and comfort

Our care is tailored to meet your needs; we provide a private personal assessment to talk this through with you and your loved ones if you wish, either in the comfort of your home, or ours. 

We want to make the process as smooth as possible, moving home at any age can be daunting, but we’re on hand to help throughout – should you need us.

Our long-term care packages and fees vary slightly depending on need, but all come with our promise to uphold your dignity, respect and independence. 

Should you wish to discuss individual requirements and fees then please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss these in detail. 

You can also refer to our FAQ page. 

If you are just starting on your search for residential care you may find our CHECKLIST helpful.

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